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The Agora Dialogue is a non-partisan platform designed to encourage and facilitate discussion on how to cultivate and nurture a society based on justice, equity and sustainability. Promoting the free flow of ideas, encouraging attentive deliberation and action, and contributing towards constructive dialogue regarding central issues concerning contemporary society are the foundational aims of the Agora Dialogue.

This philosophy is embodied in the symposia that run throughout the year. These symposia are roundtable discussions that encourage participants to respectfully work together to discuss and address key contemporary issues of relevance to modern society. The focus of these symposia is not so much on obtaining specific knowledge, but on developing an aptitude for critical thinking and contemplation that will inform and enhance our decisions and the way we make those decisions both professionally and personally.

The Agora Dialogue was conceptualised to act as a fulcrum for the development of a more attentive, sustainable and enriched society. It aims to expose people to new thinking and informed discussion on key contemporary issues of relevance to the world through a number of valuable services:

  • An interactive website aimed at promoting new ideas, challenging preconceived ideas and patterns of thought, and encouraging readers to engage in open discussion and consider alternative opinions and attitudes to their own.
  • Residential leadership programs or symposia, whereby attendees engage in intensive guided discussions based on the custom-designed ‘Agora Dialogue Curriculum’ of readings.
  • Short courses, conferences and special events designed to introduce participants to the core philosophy of the   Agora Dialogue and inspire them to make positive change within their respective fields.

It is our hope that by engaging in the materials provided and utilising what is offered through the Agora Dialogue, you will be motivated to converse more openly about issues that concern you, engage more fully in the world, and consider how you can take steps to bring about a more just and sustainable society.

                              the agora dialogue team




George Bizos Stella Axarlis AM Kurt Esser
Julian Burnside AO QC (Ph) George Georgiou Glenn Scott
Kate Durham Ella McNeill Dinos Toumazos
(Dr.) Jose Horta-Ramos Patrick Nkhoma  
Dinos Toumazos Evelyn Tadros  
  Georgios Veis  
  Sally Webster  
  Arnold Zable



Michael Wright Hilda Green
Spencer Zifcak Sevim Dogan Ozkan
Paul Patiniott
  Neda Rahmani  
  Emma Riggs  
  Kent Steer  
  Stephanie Woollard  


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